Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Intelligence = immaturity

Cortex matures faster in youth with highest IQ

Okay, so not generally, but in developing children. At least when speaking of brain development anyway.

More here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'd like a memory upgrade, please.

Brain cells fused with computer chips

Well, we're not quite at a "Johny Mnemonic" stage yet, or even a "Ghost in the Shell" state - but still, pretty dang fun.

Perchance to dream...

Asleep or awake we retain memory

This is pretty cool stuff. Seems we process information dynamically throughout the course of a day - equally awake or asleep.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Following the money

Brain-scanning technology reveals how we process brands and products

I'm surprised that it took this long for us to see some developments in brain-scanning technology following after market money.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You got to set...the mood.

Mood affects young and old differently, study finds

Not terribly surprising, but still a good bit of data that once again reinforces the differences between older and younger brains.

Oooo....moving stuff!

How the brain sees people in motion

Vision and perception is more a matter of brain development than simply a genetic thing - and this is another cool development along that line of thinking.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Standards are a good thing

UCI receives major grant to help create national methods and standards for functional brain imaging

Especially where brain research is involved. More stringent standards could lead to more easily verifiable research. And that is a very good thing.

SATs - again and again and....

Repeated test-taking better for retention than repeated studying, research shows

Don't get too worked up yet. The study was based on "self tests" - or testing yourself on what you've learned - a method that has long been effective in enhancing learning. Now it just has some more backing.

I don't have any friends...

Peer exclusion among children results in reduced classroom participation and academic achievement

Not really a surprise, but definitely worth consideration. What's a good way to combat this?

I think I can...

Confidence in memory performance helps older adults remember

Actually, it's more about knowing strategies that can help with memory retention that provide the confidence. Still - confidence does do marvelous things.

Sad, but true

Depressed older adults more likely to become cognitively impaired

I'm seeing this every day with my grandmother. Everyone is saying she is showing early Alzheimer's - which may be true, but she is also showing signs of just not caring any longer. Her existence isn't an enriching or plesant one and it shows in her attitude towards life.

Get your math right here!

Scientists find brain function most important to maths ability

Yes, but can they enhance it?

Brain games

'Brain Training' Video Game Huge Hit Among Japanese Elderly

Yet another example of how including game or play type activities into learning is a fantastic way to go.

Cool new memory developments

New research data on the link between learning results and working memory

Just start reading - two very cool new developments.